Dedicated Junior Programs

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Our Junior Program is currently undergoing some restructuring. Details will be announced when they are available. Unfortunately, there will not be any lessons at the start of our season.

Boy learning to play at the junior programs

Grade 7 to 12

The goal of this program is to play, have fun and build a community of junior players. We provide an experienced coaching staff ready to work with students of all ages.

Structured Programs

Discussions are being held to decide on the final details for the program. Details will be communicated shortly and the program will resume.

Friday Night Play

On Friday nights you can organize your own round-robin competitions, socialize, and even enjoy a pizza night!

Falcon Machine

Our birdie propulsion machine will be available for all our programs.

This will allow our coaches to stay focused on instruction and feedback.

The Falcon helps with the practice of all badminton shots with pre-programmed drills, patterns, and workouts.